Mari Hiraoka

Competent. Reliable. Flexible.
Mari Unterschrift


Born in Vienna to a Japanese father and Austrian mother and raised and educated in German, I have developed a fine sensor for the particularities of both cultures. I learnt to see things from different perspectives and detect potential causes for misunderstandings at a very young age. In the course of my translation and interpreting studies in the languages German, French and Japanese at universities in Vienna, Brussels and Tokyo, I developed a solid foundation that completes my naturally acquired empathy. My studies also allowed me to pursue my long-standing passion for the French language and culture. As an employee at a UK-based Japanese company, I was able to immerse myself in British and Japanese business conventions before returning to Vienna as a freelance interpreter and translator. I have never regretted this decision and have been happy to assist my customers as a reliable and competent partner ever since.

Achieve success in all of your markets through linguistic precision and cultural empathy.


Hiraoka Translations (Vienna) since 2012

Member of UNIVERSITAS Austria (Austrian Interpreters’ and Translators’ Association)

Freelance translator and interpreter in England

Translator and sales assistant at Harada Industries, England

Master of Arts degree from the University of Vienna: interpreting and translation (German, French, Japanese)

Studies abroad at Waseda University (Tokyo) and Institut Libre Marie Haps (Brussels)

Interpreting and Translation Services for EN-DE-FR-JP


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